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The Benefits of 100% Cotton Clothing

The Benefits of 100% Cotton Clothing
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Cotton has a charm of its own. It is the most-used material in the world for clothing today. But why do apparel manufacturers use cotton more than any other material? In fact, why do customers choose cotton clothing, more often than other types of clothing?
This article will cover the various advantages you experience when you wear 100% pure cotton clothing.

• It is luxuriously comfortable

Cotton is one of the softest materials for clothing. It is a natural polymer that isn't abrasive, and this makes it perfect on the skin. When you wear a cotton t-shirt, you feel like you're wearing a cloud.

Additionally, cotton is super-absorbent. It can absorb water 25 times its weight, meaning you won't have to deal with wet clothing when you sweat. This ability of cotton also gives it a cooling effect.



• It doesn’t change shape over time

Many other materials like satin, wool, and jersey stretch out or cling to the body and lose shape. Over time, your clothes will begin to look unattractive, and you may need to alter them or throw them out.

This problem doesn’t exist with cotton. 100% cotton clothing doesn't lose shape or cling to your body or fall shapelessly on you. 



• It is super-easy to maintain

Cotton is one of the most durable materials on the planet, and you can keep your 100% cotton clothes in the same condition for more than two years.

Cotton doesn't stink, it doesn't stretch; it doesn't become rough on the skin, it doesn't stain very quickly and is generally very easy to wash and take care of. You won't need to head to the dry cleaners to wash your new 100% cotton tees. Just chuck them in the washer on a delicate wash and let the machine do the rest.



• It is entirely natural and hypoallergenic

Most 100% cotton fibers used for clothing are made using organic cotton. These cotton fibers are pesticide-free. This makes them very safe for your skin. The highly-breathable nature of cotton makes this material even more beneficial for people with sensitive skin. Your cotton clothing will breathe in all climates and will keep your body relaxed at all times. You won’t be plagued by rashes when you wear 100% cotton clothing.

Additionally, a true cotton allergy is rare. More than 6% of people in the US are allergic to spandex and latex; not cotton. Washing your organic, 100% cotton shirts, skirts and pants regularly can keep them clean and germ & allergen-free.

This is one of the reasons why cotton is the preferred material for underwear. 



• It is one of the most sustainable materials to grow

Cotton is an affordable luxury. It is easy to grow, has a very small carbon footprint and costs less. It is a biodegradable resource and renewable material. 100% cotton doesn't need synthetic substances to manufacture. This makes it a very eco-friendly material.

These days, organizations have developed highly-sustainable ways to source, process and create beautiful 100% cotton clothing, with the least environmental damage.


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